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Access to our Online Learning Courses is either included with your membership (based upon your membership benefits) or you'll need to purchase the courses in our online store.


We recommend that you first sign in to the website and follow the instructions below for Accessing the Course Pages to see if the course is already enabled under your account. If the course does not appear, please review our member benefits pages in order to determine which of the two options below pertain to you.

  1. Contact us to activate the course because it's included with your membership
  2. Purchase the course in our online store.  If your membership level requires course purchase, you should sign in to the website before purchasing, as we offer member discounts to certain member types. Once you sign in your member discount will be automatically applied to your price.

Please note that there are multiple membership levels in the Stand Up and Coalition programs. You'll need to know the specific program that your organization has enrolled in.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your membership level or benefits. We're happy to assist.



Website Sign In

You must be signed in to our website in order to access the course. If you've forgotten your website credentials, use our automated password reset process by clicking on "Forgot your password?" on the home page.


Click here if you need instructions for username retrieval and password reset.


Accessing the Course Pages  
  1. Sign in to our website at
  2. After you've signed in, at the bottom right of all website pages you'll see My Profile in purple
  3. Click on Groups beneath My Profile and you'll be taken to the My Groups page
  4. The Groups page will list all of the courses that are included with your membership, and the courses you've purchased in our online store.
    1. Patient Safety Curriculum
    2. Reducing Diagnostic Error
    3. Health Information Technology
  5. Click on Online Learning: (course name)
  6. You should now be on the Online Learning: (course name) home page, which lists the course instructions and contents
  7. You can now begin the course


 Groups link on Home Page




Groups Page with Online Learning course listed below.  this section will be blank if you haven't been granted access to any courses.



Reducing Diagnostic Errors course home page will appear after clicking link above.




Need Additional Help? 

Click here to contact our webmaster if you don't see the Online Learning: (course name) ink, or you're unable to sign in to the website. You should expect a response within 24-48 hours.


Thank you for supporting the National Patient Safety Foundation!


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