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Patient Safety Curriculum: Module Content and Faculty
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Module 1: The Science of Patient Safety

This module introduces the key principles, core concepts, and underlying theories of patient safety and medical error.

Module 2: Advancing Patient Safety through Systems Thinking & Design 

This module examines contemporary approaches to patient safety through an exploration of error theory, systems thinking, and reliable design.

Module 3: Identifying, Analyzing, and Mitigating Risk of Health Care–Induced Harm to Patients 


This module describes the processes required for effectively reporting, prioritizing, and analyzing patient safety incidents and medical errors. 

Module 4: Systems and Professional Accountability: Pursuing a Safety Culture

This module addresses patient safety culture as a fundamental aspect of safe, high quality care. Key concepts include Just Culture, human error, accountability, and disruptive behavior.

Module 5: The Joy and Meaning of Work and Transformational Imperatives for Workforce Safety

This module describes the association between workforce safety and patient safety, and provides effective strategies and successful practices for improving workforce safety.

Module 6: Strategies for Engaging Executive and Clinical Leaders

Based on the notion that leadership behavior should model institutional behaviors, this module teaches the core principles of effective leaders, including evidence-based leadership competencies and behaviors as well as change management theory.

Module 7: Successful Practices for Patient and Family Engagement

This module addresses patient- and family-centered care as a driving factor in the modern patient safety movement. Barriers to patient and family engagement will be discussed alongside evidence-based best practices to overcome these barriers and promote engagement.


Module 8: Patient Safety across the Continuum of Care  

This module examines safety risks during transitions of care and in ambulatory care and presents possible interventions and solutions to improve patient safety and reduce risk across all settings of care.


Module 9: The Role of Health Information Technology in Patient Safety 

This module describes the evolving use, success, and unintended consequences of health information technology, and identifies approaches to improve the safe use of health IT for health care professionals, patients, and families.


Module 10: Introduction to Human Factors and Simulation 

This module introduces human factors and systems safety engineering through the use of real health care examples, and discusses simulation and how it can be used to understand and proactively mitigate errors to avoid adverse events.
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Patient Safety Executive Development Program

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