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Wednesday, May 25, at the 2016 NPSF Patient Safety Congress
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Day 3, Wednesday, May 25

We had a great, and very full, final day at the 18th Annual NPSF Patient Safety Congress. Here are some highlights in case you missed anything.


Poster Awards Announced

Just prior to this morning’s keynote session with Kaveh Shojania, MD, speaking on Hot Topics in Patient Safety Research, Gregg Meyer, MD, chair of the NPSF Board of Directors, announced the winners of this year’s poster awards:


Michelle Norcross of the MHA Keystone Center accepted an award for poster #45, Improving Perioperative Pain Control and Reducing Opioid Related Adverse Events.


After the Joint Commission called out opioids as high risk medications in 2012, MHA Keystone Center created an advisory committee and conducted a gap analysis of hospitals in partnership with the Minnesota Hospital Association. Based on information obtained through the gap analysis, educational webinars and live meetings were held targeting identified opportunities for improvement. Educational materials and resources were created for both professionals and patients, including the Michigan Opioid Safety Score.

This program started with the identification of a knowledge gap and improved through educational programming which utilized evidence-based tools created by subject matter experts.

Toni Pellum, RN, accepted an award for poster #21, A Bloody Success Story, which documented results of the implementation of a "successful patient blood management (PBM) program, utilizing a patient-centered, evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach. The program was designed to:

  • optimize patient safety
  • demonstrates measurable improvements
  • decreases health care costs

Among the results:

  • Sustained decline in blood product administration
  • Steady increase in single unit PRBC transfusions
  • Zero autologous transfusions since 2011
  • Decrease in annual transfusion reactions from 26 to 16

Reference the mobile app to view and download PDFs of these and other posters.


 Michelle Norcros (Center) with

Gregg Meyer and Tejal Gandhi

   Toni Pellum (center) with
Gregg Meyer and Tejal Gandhi


Dr. Shojania shared his insights on the latest in patient safety research, including a "good news" study, Safer Prescribing-A trial of Education, Informatics, and Financial Incentives (Dreishulte et al. NEJM 2016). This study showed that "combining professional education, informatics, and financial incentives reduced the rate of high-risk prescribing of antiplatelet medications and NSAIDs and may have improved clinical outcomes."


Find it here (subscription required; abstract available)

Closing Keynote: Paula Davis-Laack

Our closing keynote brought "recovering lawyer" and resilience expert Paula Davis-Laack to the stage to remind us that "positive emotions whisper, negative emotions demand your attention." In sharing details of her personal experience with burnout and her work with the military on resilience, Ms. Davis-Laack gave tips on how leaders can created workplaces that minimize stress and burnout. But she also emphasized that work needs to be done both at the organizational and individual level.


Top tip: We can learn to reframe stress events with one question: "Where do I have a measure of control, influence, leverage in this situation?"

Continuing Education Reminders

The deadline to complete the online process at

is midnight Eastern Time, June 25, 2016. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Get details at

Congratulations to Today's Raffle Winner

  Raffle winner Rita Tassinari (right) with
NPSF staffer Jennifer Walker

Congrats to our final raffle winner, Rita Tassinari, who won a free registration to the 2017 NPSF Congress!


And Congratulations to All of Our Raffle Winners at the 18th Annual NPSF Congress:

Free Registration for the 2017 NPSF Congress
Tess Earley, Teresa Foster, Phyllis McLellan, Rita Tassinari

Free 1-year ASPPS Membership
Zsa Zsa Brown, Ruth Eaker

Fitbit® Activity Tracker
Annette Brown, Susie Duffy, Michael Handler, Caryn McCoy
Dana Rocha, Vickie Simpson, Gina Vogt, Eric Wignall


Save the Date for Next Year's NPSF Congress —

The 19th Annual NPSF Patient Safety Congress will take place May 17-19, 2017 at the Orlando Renaissance in Orlando, FL





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