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Creating a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm

Current Awareness Literature Alert, January 2014 #1

On Feb 21, 2014
January (1) | Volume 18, Issue 1:1

Table of Contents

  1. Antecedents of Willingness to Report Medical Treatment Errors in Health Care Organizations: A Multilevel Theoretical Framework
  2. Characterising the Complexity of Medication Safety Using a Human Factors Approach: An Observational Study in Two Intensive Care Units
  3. Communication-and-Resolution Programs: The Challenges and Lessons Learned from Six Early Adopters
  4. Developing a Quality and Safety Curriculum for Fellows: Lessons Learned from a Neonatology Fellowship Program
  5. Documenting Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Efforts: The Quality Portfolio. A Statement from the Academic Hospitalist Taskforce
  6. Effect of Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel on Morbidity and Mortality among Patients: Systematic Review and Grading of Evidence
  7. The Effects of Safety Checklists in Medicine: A Systematic Review
  8. Electronic Health Record-Based Triggers to Detect Potential Delays in Cancer Diagnosis
  9. Hospital-Based Transfusion Error Tracking from 2005 to 2010: Identifying the Key Errors Threatening Patient Transfusion Safety
  10. Human Factors Systems Approach to Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
  11. Itemizing the Bundle: Achieving and Maintaining “Zero” Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection for Over a Year in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia
  12. Medication Errors in Hospitalised Children
  13. National Trends in Patient Safety for Four Common Conditions, 2005–2011
  14. Prescribing Errors on Admission to Hospital and Their Potential Impact: A Mixed-Methods Study
  15. The Quality and Safety Educators Academy: Fulfilling an Unmet Need for Faculty Development
  16. The Road toward Fully Transparent Medical Records
  17. Structuring Patient and Family Involvement in Medical Error Event Disclosure and Analysis
  18. Surgical Complications and Their Implications for Surgeons’ Well-Being
  19. Sustaining a Culture of Safety: Are We One Step Forward or Three Steps Back?
  20. The Use of In-Situ Simulation to Improve Safety in the Plastic Surgery Office: A Feasibility Study

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