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Patient Safety Curriculum


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Course Description

The NPSF Patient Safety Curriculum is a 10-module, online course intended to equip the learner with the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the context, key principles, and competencies associated with the discipline of patient safety, and how these tenets and skills are applied in everyday practice. It takes the learner through the history of the patient safety movement, describes the science and disciplines used in this work, presents current best practices, and outlines strategies for overcoming barriers to safe care. The curriculum modules are aligned with educational standards for patient safety competencies and are anchored by didactic audio/PowerPoint lectures given by NPSF board members and members of the Lucian Leape Institute at NPSF. The modules also include reading materials, videos, and module quizzes to focus learners on key patient safety principles. This knowledge is imperative for those working in, or in partnership with, the health care system of today.

ABMS Maintenance of Certification: The American Board of Medical Specialties® has made the NPSF Online Patient Safety Curriculum available to diplomates of their Member Boards to bring patient safety education to physicians participating in the ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®). If you have questions, write to: [email protected]

CJCP Certification: The NPSF Online Patient Safety Curriculum has been approved by Joint Commission Resources as a continuing education activity in support of maintenance of the Certified Joint Commission Professional (CJCP) credential. If you have questions, write to: [email protected]

CPPS Certification: Please note that this curriculum is not intended to be preparatory for the CPPS certification exam. The curriculum is a foundational patient safety course. It is recommended that those preparing for the certification exam complete the Self Assessment Exam and review the exam content outline and resource list found on the CBPPS website at:

Curriculum Foreword by Lucian Leape, MD

Chairman, Lucian Leape Institute at NPSF


The faculty for this curriculum are NPSF board members and members of the Lucian Leape Institute at NPSF who were selected for their expertise and practical experience in the topic areas. Information on their backgrounds and qualifications can be seen by clicking on their names on the Module Content and Faculty page.

The curriculum is designed to be self-paced and able to be used at the convenience of the learner. The material is presented through a variety of approaches that, as a whole, provide a rounded and in-depth presentation of the content. The 10 modules that comprise the curriculum are intended to be taken sequentially, but the learner is not precluded from taking them in order of preference. In order to receive a certificate of completion and/or Continuing Education credits, all 10 modules must be taken, as validated by the completion of the module quizzes.

Each of the 10 modules begins with a description of the content area, its significance to the patient safety work and the learning objectives that outline the knowledge base and skills that the module is intended to convey to the learner. Continuing education credits for the curriculum are based upon these learning objectives. It is recommended that they be reviewed in advance and again, subsequent to completing the module, in order to ensure that the learner is reviewing the material in a manner and to the degree necessary to achieve the learning goals.

Recorded Lecture and PowerPoint

Each module contains an audio lecture on the topic, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation that automatically advances as the lecture progresses. In certain instances, modules contain more than one lecture. Each lecture is approximately 30-40 minutes in length.

The audio lecture for each module is also provided as a dowloadable file, for those preferring to listen without the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the audio lecture is also provided for download and printing.

While the lecture and the PowerPoint are available to be accessed and used individually, the full conveyance of the module content requires that both be reviewed, either together or separately.

Essential Reading

The literature in the patient safety field is quite extensive. The readings listed in this section of each module have been selected by the faculty and deemed to be essential for understanding the content area covered. In some instances, they represent the seminal publications in the topic area. In other instances, they have been selected for their ability to convey the major issues associated with the topic in a clear manner, often by authors who have been successful in bringing the learning to practice. In all instances, they provide further depth to the recorded lecture and are an integral component of the curriculum content.

Recommended Reading

This section of each module offers additional articles and manuscripts that are also recognized in the field as providing vital insight into the topic area and were selected to further inform the learner and provide additional perspective and depth in the subject matter.

Books and Monographs

For learners seeking in-depth information on the module topic, the selected textbooks and monographs represent key reference materials for the field. These are offered as supplemental information to the learner.


These short video clips provide interesting perspective on the module topic and range from the educational and serious to the creative and light. Each is briefly described following its link. The videos are intended to punctuate the content and stimulate the learner by approaching the information in a different manner.

Module Quiz

Each module contains a quiz to test the learner on the content and against the stated learning objectives. Each quiz has 20 or fewer multiple choice questions. They are intended to help assess the learner's command of the content and indicate where further study might be needed. A score of 80 percent or higher is required on each quiz in order to be eligible for a certificate of completion or to apply for continuing education credits. Quizzes may be retaken as many times as desired during the time the curriculum is available in order for the learner to continue to use the materials until the content is mastered.

Continuing Education Credits

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