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Creating a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm

Stand Up for Patient Safety

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Stand Up for Patient Safety

The Stand Up for Patient Safety program at NPSF caters exclusively to healthcare organizations invested in improving patient safety. Over 400 hospitals, health systems and ambulatory facilities nationwide demonstrate their commitment to patient safety by joining Stand Up and becoming active participants in the pursuit of safer health care.

Whether your organization is starting a new patient safety program or looking to enhance existing quality and safety programs, membership in Stand Up can provide the support and resources necessary to embed patient safety principles into organizational practice and align with national patient safety goals and critical regulatory requirements.

Through participation, Stand Up members gain access to field-tested tools and resources, expertly designed educational programs, and the invaluable support network created by the National Patient Safety Foundation, the leading organization for positive change in the field.

Stand Up for Patient Safety – Ambulatory (Outpatient)

The Ambulatory Stand Up for Patient Safety program offers targeted materials and resources to assist with patient safety initiatives specific to the outpatient environment. Membership provides the information and tools necessary to implement and sustain patient safety practices, while also serving as a reflection of the organization’s commitment to deliver safe care to the patients and families it serves.

The program is designed for ease of use, focused in its presentation, organized around key patient safety competencies and supported by a robust and comprehensive member-only website. Program materials include articles, DVDs, customizable templates, online tools and many other resources to reduce risk, achieve national regulatory goals and standards, and engage clinicians, staff and patients in this important work. Program materials are regularly updated to keep members abreast of the latest developments and tools in the field.

Are you starting a patient safety program at your organization?

Stand Up members have found that the program serves as a tremendous resource when planning and launching new patient safety programs or activities. Here are some tips for using Stand Up to develop robust patient safety programs:

  • Educate leadership and key stakeholders on the science of patient safety with sample presentations, seminal articles and NPSF-hosted webinars
  • Utilize valid and reliable measurement tools to assess organizational aptitude and readiness in areas such as patient safety culture, patient and family centeredness and board engagement
  • Demonstrate organizational commitment to patient safety within your community using Stand Up logos, plaques and various communications templates
Are you enhancing an existing quality and safety program?

Many of today’s top healthcare organizations demonstrate a continued commitment to patient safety through membership in the Stand Up program and find that keeping up-to-date on current and emerging trends in patient safety have helped position them as leaders in the field. Here are some tips for using Stand Up to sustain existing patient safety programs:

  • Engage front-line staff and leadership in continuing education opportunities, including the NPSF Professional Learning Series and NPSF Patient Safety Congress
  • Spread health literacy and communication tools throughout your patient population using the Ask Me 3™ program at NPSF and tools provided in the Patient Safety Awareness Week Toolkit
  • Expand current policies and procedures to include best practices from the field and integrate new approaches to topics such as disclosure and apology