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Forum Tips and Instructions Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert Welcome to the NPSF patient safety online discussion forum! If this is your first visit or if you are wondering how to use the forum, here are some tips on getting started.  Content in the forum can be accessed and read by anyone. You do not need to be registered with our website in order to read messages posted in the forum. In order to post new messages or to post responses to existing messages in the forum, you will first need to register as a user of the NPSF website. If you are not already registered, click here to register. Once your registration is activated, sign in by entering the username and password you selected during registration. You will now have the ability to post and respond to messages in the forum. When you return to the forum, you will see additional options for posting and for managing your subscription settings in the header near the top of the screen.  Click here for detailed instructions on subscribing to forum discussions, posting messages, and managing your subscription settings. Click here to begin at the General Patient Safety Discussion Forum
by M. Alpert
Thursday, June 18, 2015
Accessing the Patientsafety-L List Archives 0 A. Spielman Greetings, patient safety forum readers! As a reminder, the old Listserv list (Patientsafety-L) hosted by NPSF has been retired as of December 31, 2014, and is no longer available for posting and receiving messages. Please continue to post all new discussions here in the online forum, which takes the place of the Listserv list.   Many of you have asked about our plans for preserving the archive of messages from the past Listserv list, and we are pleased to let you know that NPSF will continue to provide online access to the complete archive of messages. To view the archive, go to   Please note that although the archive has been set up with an online interface virtually identical to the one for the former list, this is a static archive only. Therefore, it will not be possible to subscribe to this list, to use it to post and receive new messages, or to post new replies to messages in the archive. However, it will be possible to read, search, and hyperlink to messages in the archive, just as with the previous list.      Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the archive.
by A. Spielman
Friday, February 13, 2015
Subscribing to Daily Newsletter Digest Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert   You have the option of receiving a Daily Forum Newsletter (called "Digest") of forum Topics right to your Inbox as an e-mail. The newsletter summarizes all new topics, and provides links to each forum post. Below is an image of the newsletter with notation. You must be signed in as a member to subscribe to the Forum Newsletter.        To sign up for the Daily Forum Newsletter click on Forum Actions and then click on the Green check mark  Subscribe to Digest. After you've chosen to subscribe, the icon will change to a red X which is for Unsubscribing.      
by M. Alpert
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Subscribing to Forum Topics and Individual Posts Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert   You have two options when subscribing to Forums - Receive a notification when a new Topic or "Thread" is posted anywhere in the Forum Category Subscribe to posts within individual Topics or "Threads"   Here's how it works -   From the Forum Home or "Index" page you'll see a listing of Categories and Topics. Think of a Category as an organizational folder, and a Topic as an individual file or subject. Category - GENERAL PATIENT SAFETY TOPICS Topic - General Patient Safety Discussion        Click on the Forum - General Patient Safety Discussion You'll see a list of all Forum Subjects such as - How to Create a Post At the top of the page click on Thread Actions and select Subscribe to Instant Updates You'll now be notified of any new TOPICS posted under the General Patient Safety Discussion. For example, if a new Topic is posted titled "Patient Safety in the 21st Century", you would receive a notification of this new Topic.   Since you subscribed to Instant Updates from the Main General Patient Safety Discussion page, you'll only receive notifications when a new TOPIC is posted - not when additional posts are made within that topic. For example, if someone posts a reply to the new Topic "Patient Safety in the 21st Century" you won't be notified. That's because you subscribed to notifications of new Topics, not posts within Topics.              To subscribe to posts within an individual Topic,  Click on the Topic that interest you, such as How to Create a Post At the top of the page click on Thread Actions and select Subscribe to Instant Updates You will now receive notifications when a new post is made to the TOPIC, How to Create a Post        How should you setup your own forum notifications? Subscribe to receive new Topic notifications for your primary areas of interest When you receive notification of a particular post that interests you, then subscribe to that Thread Subscribe to Topics that you've created or replied to    
by M. Alpert
Monday, September 29, 2014
Retirement/Replacement of Patient Safety L Listserv Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert   The General Patient Safety Discussion forum is replacing our Legacy "Patient Safety L" Listserv. Please review the instructions for subscribing, creating, editing and replying to posts. Each of the instructional posts are designated by an Orange Megaphone. You must be signed in as a member to enable these features.    
by M. Alpert
Monday, September 29, 2014
How to Create a Post Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert To Create a New Post click on the New Topic icon Enter a Subject - This will appear in the Forum Listing, so make your subject as clear and concise as possible. Enter your Content in the Dialogue Box - Type or copy/paste your content. Press Submit Post  You also have several options such as attaching a video or adding images. To embed a video, copy/paste the embed code from the YouTube video in the Attach Video dialogue box. To attach a graphic, drag and drop the file from your computer to the Attach Images dialogue box. To format text, you can use the advanced features of the HTML editor listed below.  You can type text  You can copy/paste text You can copy/paste HTML code You can add styling to the text
by M. Alpert
Monday, September 29, 2014
How to Edit, Delete and Quote Posts Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert   After you've posted, you have the ability to Edit or Delete your posts - not posts by other members.  Click on the Edit Icon to Edit your post (only visible for your posts) Click on the Delete Icon to Delete your post (only visible for your posts) Click on the Permalink Icon to display the full URL to this post.  You can bookmark or share the link with others Click on the Report Icon to report inappropriate content to our Moderators Click on the Quote Icon to quote the previous poster in your post  
by M. Alpert
Monday, September 29, 2014
How to Reply, Subscribe, Share and Search Post Locked Topic 0 M. Alpert   Quick Reply    The easiest and fastest way to reply is by using the Quick Reply feature. Scroll to the bottom of the post and you'll see the Quick Reply dialogue box Type your reply Click on Submit Quick Reply   Full HTML Editor      You also have the option of using the Full HTML Editor for the inclusion of videos and images.    Reply Using HTML Editor circled Below in Orange  Click on the Reply Icon to use the HTML editor - otherwise use the Quick Reply at the bottom of the page for fewer options.   Thread Actions circled below in Green   Click on Subscribe to Instant Updates and you'll receive an e-mail notification when subsequent posts are made to this topic Icon will change to Unsubscribe after you've subscribed Click on My Subscriptions & Settings to manage all of the Forum topics you've subscribed to Click on Export to export the Forum Topic Click on Tell a Friend to send an e-mail to interested parties Click on RSS to subscribe and view to this topic in your browser as an RSS Feed   Voting circled Below in Red   Click on a Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down to vote for this post   Forum Search Circled Below in Blue   Enter Text in the Search box to Search Forum for content  
by M. Alpert
Monday, September 29, 2014
Query 0 G. Al-Naimi Dear members,   if i conducted a patient safety event at my organization, how could i publish the result and news on NPSF websit or blog?   thank you..
by G. Al-Naimi
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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