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RCA - Calling in to the meeting
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2/22/2018 at 9:54:15 PM GMT
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RCA - Calling in to the meeting

Curious as to what other organizations do for RCAs/RCA2 when stakeholders want to call-in?  As organizations become larger and geographically dispersed the perceived need to have a call-in option is becoming more pronounced. 



I was unable to locate any recommendations from the RCA2 document, so thought I would see how other organizations handle the request and if it allowed.


Thanks in advance!



3/17/2018 at 4:55:03 PM GMT
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Distance: Must have full access
My current organization does not encourage the use of distance options for RCAs. I have experience with another organization that allowed physicians and some leaders to call into the meeting, which is problematic due to the methodology used (cause mapping) to help participants put together the story in a visual flow diagram. Now if you access to video conferencing, that allows the viewer to see any documents that are displayed, it might be a viable option. I still feel it is best when these interprofessional meetings take place in person whenever possible. My advice, if you decide to make a distance option available, make sure that it allows full participation in the discussion and that all participants have access to the documents presented. 

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