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Creating a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm

Resource Center

NPSF provides a range of resources for healthcare professionals looking to learn more about patient safety or research topics in the field.

Patient Safety ListServ

Patientsafety-L is a moderated LISTSERV (online discussion forum using e-mail) devoted to thoughtful conversation toward the development of a safer healthcare system. Participants in the NPSF patient safety LISTSERV represent diverse backgrounds and an impressive array of knowledge and experience. A variety of individuals, including patients and families, researchers, providers, administrators, and those in the boardroom, make up our LISTSERV community.

Reports and White Papers

NPSF periodically conducts research about broad patient safety issues, such as the need for educating the healthcare workforce and the importance of involving patients and families in safety initiatives in all healthcare settings.

NPSF Publications (members only)

Quarterly and monthly publications are available to those who participate in one of the NPSF membership programs. Non-members may view archived issues as well as purchase books, videos and other promotional materials from the NPSF online store. For information on becoming a member, please click here or write to ASPPSinfo@npsf.org.

Patient Safety Definitions and Hot Topics

This page defines patient safety terms (with citations) and provides the citations of recent articles on major topics in patient safety.

Research Grants Program

Each year, NPSF awards two research grants to organizations or individuals whose work advances the knowledge or practice of patient safety. Recipients are not required to be from any particular specialty; submissions arrive from all over the country, and applicants may have expertise in any number of areas. The purpose of the grant program is not simply to fund existing projects, but also to encourage innovative thinking and collaboration in the fields of safety and risk management. Funding for these grants is made possible by contributions from NPSF board members and other organizations which support NPSF’s mission.