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Ask Me 3

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Ask Me 3 is a patient education program designed to improve communication between patients and health care providers, encourage patients to become active members of their health care team, and promote improved health outcomes. The program encourages patients to ask their health care providers three questions:

What is my main problem?

What do I need to do?

Why is it important for me to do this?

Studies show that people who understand health instructions make fewer mistakes when they take their medicine or prepare for a medical procedure. They may also get well sooner or be able to better manage a chronic health condition.

Learn More about Ask Me 3: For more information about Ask Me 3, including links to health literacy reference materials, click here.

Purchase Ask Me 3 Products for Your Patients: Click here to order products, such as patient brochures (in English or Spanish), posters (in English or Spanish), buttons, keychain cards and notepads through the NPSF Store.

Inquire About Ask Me 3 Cobranding Opportunities: Cobrand Ask Me 3 materials with your organization’s logo. For more information, contact NPSF via e-mail to info@npsf.org or by phone at 617-391-9900.

Note: Organizations that are members of the Stand Up for Patient Safety Program can receive complimentary, production-ready Ask Me 3 materials and have permission to cobrand them with their organization’s logo. For more information, contact standup@npsf.org or visit the Stand Up Member section of the website to learn more [login required].

Ask Me 3 is a registered trademark licensed to the National Patient Safety Foundation.