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 Our Relationships

The nonprofit National Patient Safety Foundation proudly partners with organizations from across health care to advance the goal of safe patient care, crafting organizational relationships that serve the patient safety mission and provide a high-visibility stage for solutions providers who, through innovation and commitment, are tightly aligned with NPSF imperatives.

Although each relationship is uniquely designed to respond to specific partner strategies and needs, patient safety is the unifying thread woven into all engagements.


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Thought Leadership

From clinical practice to the boardroom, from grassroots engagement to commitment at the highest ranks of the federal government, patient safety as a focus and discipline has achieved a new level of attention never before experienced. It is a pivotal time of change and growth, an opportunity of consequence to bring about continued and significant improvement in the delivery of safe care, reducing adverse events and saving lives.

NPSF functions in an environment of open expression and sharing with peers at the forefront of patient safety, encouraging a cross-pollination of ideas, with visionaries and leaders in the field contributing collaboratively in the quest for solutions to move health care forward. Through this knowledge and network, NPSF is well positioned to support efforts to enhance and advance your thought leadership and visibility in the patient safety arena.

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Patient Safety Benefactor

The remarkable transformation of the patient safety field, from the nascent stage of simple awareness to today’s highly-focused multi-stakeholder commitment, has been and continues to be at the heart of NPSF activities. In 1997, a select group of visionary organizations provided the funding fuel for the founding of the National Patient Safety Foundation. On the occasion of our 15th year in service to this essential mission, NPSF welcomes additional partner organizations to stand side-by-side with us in the highly-visible Benefactor capacity, providing additional leverage to accelerate patient safety successes. Partners enjoy significant benefits from this long-term collaborative relationship, consultative engagement on issues impacting health care on the national stage and on the front lines of care, and brand alignment with the highly-regarded work and reputation of the National Patient Safety Foundation.

The nonprofit National Patient Safety Foundation also gratefully welcomes supporting donations and major gifts from corporations, philanthropic organizations and foundations, individuals and families, and all those wishing to support the advancement of the patient safety mission.

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The NPSF Lucian Leape Institute

The National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute was formed in 2007 and is dedicated to providing thought leadership and strategic vision for the field. Composed of national thought leaders with a common interest in patient safety, the Institute functions as a think tank to identify new approaches to improving patient safety, calling for the innovation necessary to expedite the work, create significant, sustainable improvements in culture, process, and outcomes, and encourage key stakeholders to assume critical roles in advancing the work. Opportunities exist to align with the Institute’s overall mission or with specific areas of focus, creating thought leadership positioning and industry recognition for those supporting these efforts.

Read more about the NPSF Lucian Leape Institute and its work.

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NPSF Patient Safety Congress

The preeminent educational forum for the patient safety field, the NPSF Congress is well known not only for remarkable content quality and distinguished faculty, but for an open and collegial networking environment that encourages meaningful interaction and engagement. Delivering significant visibility for your brand and product/service offerings to a highly targeted audience of influential health care leaders, the annual NPSF Congress provides a wide variety of flexible supporter and exhibitor options to address your specific business strategies and tactical needs. Also featured is the popular interactive NPSF Learning & Simulation Center.

Learn more about the NPSF Patient Safety Congress.

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NPSF Patient Safety Coalition

Designed to accelerate visibility, opportunity, and thought leadership for solutions providers, associations, advocacy groups, and all others sharing an unwavering commitment to health care safety, the NPSF Patient Safety Coalition welcomes stakeholders from across the continuum of care. By joining the Coalition, your organization is afforded unique and high-value opportunities for networking, learning, and knowledge-sharing, aligning with the highly-regarded work and reputation of the National Patient Safety Foundation, advancing the patient safety mission, and supporting your strategic business imperatives. Although diverse in perspective and focus, Coalition members have a single convergent goal, a mission-driven kinship, to enhance the delivery of safe care through their work and successes. Membership offers a variety of benefits and activities, based on the level of engagement selected by your organization.

Learn more about the benefits of Coalition membership and see a list of current members.

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Professional Learning Series

Educational Modules: NPSF builds partnerships with organizations across health care to develop and create targeted educational content for dissemination to the field. Topics to date include reducing diagnostic error, HIT and patient safety, respiratory infections in the ICU, blood management, and IV clinical integration, and we seek additional support to continue building this important body of work. Distribution rights, underwriter brand recognition, and other benefits are available.

Webcast Program: This highly regarded monthly educational event is made available, as a benefit of membership, to staff at organizations participating in the NPSF Stand Up for Patient Safety program, and is offered to the health care field at large for a modest participation fee. Content is wide-ranging, with each webcast introduced by an NPSF board member/adviser and led by subject matter experts. Sole underwriting visibility and recognition on selected communications vehicles is available.

Online Patient Safety Curriculum: The 10 online curriculum modules are aligned with educational standards for patient safety competencies and are anchored by didactic audio/PowerPoint lectures given by NPSF board members and members of the Lucian Leape Institute at NPSF. Corporate underwriting for this remarkable learning program is also available.

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Research Grants Program

NPSF created the first national research agenda for patient safety, and our Research Grants Program, which to date has funded 36 research projects with nearly $3.6 million in grants, has resulted in innovative and groundbreaking work that has transformed the body of patient safety knowledge and opened new directions for the field. Grant underwriting, with naming rights and other high impact benefits, offers a way to contribute to the growth and evolution of the patient safety field.

Click here to read more about our Research Grants Program.

Download the 2012 Research Grants Program Summary of Progress. [PDF format]

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Information Resources

Current Awareness Literature Alert, prepared twice-monthly by our research team and e-distributed to NPSF constituents, provides a rich compendium of the latest research in the field. This publication is available for underwriting, offering continuity of brand visibility throughout the year to NPSF stakeholders.

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Regional Meetings

New for 2012 are topic-specific NPSF regional meetings, designed to engage healthcare professionals in unique learning environments on topics of critical importance to the field. NPSF envisions this program as a “local” extension of the NPSF Patient Safety Congress, and will partner with select solutions providers to bring these events to life, demonstrating real world tools for advancing patient safety work.

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Value-Add Programs for Clients and Internal Teams

NPSF programs also offer unique bulk dissemination opportunities for solutions providers to support client retention, acquisition, and education activities, and provide high-value knowledge to client-facing teams — all creating value-add differentiation in the marketplace. Many also offer continuing education credits for participants.

Stand Up for Patient Safety Program—Organizational membership program available for hospitals, physician offices, and ambulatory settings, rich with tools, resources, and implementation plans designed to drive patient safety goals.

Patient Safety Certification—The Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) credential distinguishes health care professionals who meet the competency requirements in the areas of patient safety science and human factors engineering, and who demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge to effectively plan and implement patient safety initiatives.

Online Patient Safety Curriculum—A 10-module, online course intended to equip the learner with the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the context, key principles, and competencies associated with the discipline of patient safety, and how these tenets and skills are applied in everyday practice. This curriculum is also designed as preparatory material for the CPPS credentialing exam and has application as a tool for board-level education and engagement in patient safety science.

Educational Modules and Webcast Series—These exceptional educational tools, part of the NPSF Professional Learning Series, explore key issues in the field and offer learner-friendly mechanisms for delivering vital patient safety knowledge and practice expertise.

American Society of Professionals in Patient Safety Membership—The first and only individual membership program for the patient safety field, ASPPS was established to advance patient safety as a unique health care discipline, and to build an engaged, focused community of individuals committed to accelerating the delivery of safe patient care.

Patient Safety Awareness Week Resources—An annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety led by NPSF, this national and international event engages organizations, providers, and patients through dissemination of innovative information resources and promotional material.

NPSF Patient Safety Congress Attendee Registrations—Provides attendees an opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with patient safety experts and practitioners from around the globe at the only conference with a singular focus on patient safety.

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To learn more about partner and sponsor opportunities, please contact David Coletta, SVP, Strategic Alliances, at dcoletta@npsf.org or 617.391.9908.