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Health Care Safety Speakers
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The National Patient Safety Foundation provides opportunities for organizations across health care to engage leaders from the NPSF Board and the NPSF Lucian Leape Institute to speak at their internal or external events, retreats, executive sessions, or conferences. NPSF Health Safety Speakers are true visionaries in the field with diverse areas of focus, yet all with single convergent goal – making health care safer.

These leaders are vocal and visible advocates for the patient safety mission, are deeply committed to NPSF, and offer the insight, deep knowledge, and inspiration to energize your program or event and advance our shared vision for safer health care.

Click here to learn more about speaker availability and fees (which are contributed to NPSF to support our nonprofit’s mission and programs).

Click on each speaker's name for a more detailed biography.


Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP

Chairman and CEO, The Doctors Company

Dr. Anderson speaks on the interaction between our system of
medical-legal jurisprudence and patient safety.

Barbara M. Balik

Barbara M. Balik, RN, EdD

Principal, Common Fire Healthcare Consulting

Dr. Balik speaks on topics that include:

  • Leaders for quality, safety, and experience
  • Engaging the hearts and minds of health care practitioners
  • Consumer engagement in health care improvement

Ann Scott Blouin

Ann Scott Blouin, PhD, RN, FACHE

Executive Vice President, Customer Relations, The Joint Commission

Dr. Blouin speaks on topics related to:

  • High reliability
  • Patient and worker safety: Reducing risk
  • Worker fatigue and patient safety risks

Richard C. Boothman, JDRichard C. Boothman

Executive Director for Clinical Safety and Chief Risk Officer
University of Michigan Health System

Mr. Boothman speaks on the topics of:

  • Institutional response to patient injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Transparency
  • The Michigan Model and the benefits that transcend medical malpractice savings
  • Peer review
  • Is corporate architecture impeding safety and quality?
  • Patient centeredness, shared decision making, and true informed consent
  • Creating an organizational culture of safety

Jeffrey Catalano

Partner, Todd & Weld LLP

Mr. Catalano is a member of the Massachusetts Alliance for Communication and Resolution Following Medical Injury. He serves on the Board of Advisors for the National Patient Safety Foundation. He also testifies before the Massachusetts Legislature regarding patient rights and health care issues, and he helped create a law in Massachusetts to improve transparency and compensation following medical errors. He has received a "Hero from the Field" award for his work to improve health care quality and patient rights.


His speaking engagements center on the topic of Communication and Resolution Programs.

Ilene Corina

Ilene Corina

Founder and President, PULSE of NY

Ms. Corina’s highly interactive presentations use true stories, personal experiences, and devices such as role playing to educate audiences about communication skills, patient involvement, and patient-provider partnerships. Topics include:

  • How focusing on patient-centered care will improve patient safety
  • Including the patient and family to improve patient safety
  • Starting a Patient and Family Advisory Committee around patient safety
  • Train the trainer to teach the community, patient, and families about patient safety
  • Caring for vulnerable populations, including teens, transgender individuals, and those with lupus, HIV/AIDS, or physical disabilities.

Jennifer Daley

Jennifer Daley, MD, FACP

Physician Executive

Dr. Daley presents on topics that include:

  • Experience with health care reform in Massachusetts
  • Leadership and patient safety
  • Improving patient safety during health care reform

Susan Edgman-Levitan, PA

Executive Director

The John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ms. Edgman-Levitan presents on topics that include:

  • Consumer engagement in health care
  • Patient centeredness, shared decision making, and true informed consent
  • Starting a Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Jane Englebright

Jane Englebright, PhD, RN, CENP, FAAN

Chief Nursing Officer, Patient Safety Officer, and Vice President, Clinical Services Group
Hospital Corporation of America

Dr. Englebright speaks on such topics as:

  • Driving a culture of patient safety
  • Leadership and patient safety
  • Patient safety technology

Tejal K. Gandhi

Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS

President and CEO, National Patient Safety Foundation

Dr. Gandhi speaks on topics that include:

  • The changing landscape of patient safety
  • Patient safety across the continuum
  • Using information technology to improve medication safety

Paul Gluck

Paul Gluck, MD

Associate Clinical Professor OB GYN, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Senior Medical Advisor, Stevens & Lee LLC

Dr. Gluck speaks on such topics as:

  • Overview of patient safety: Incidence of, reasons for, and strategies to deal with medical error
  • Framework for solutions to medical error
  • Leadership and culture change to improve safety
  • Just Culture
  • Root cause analysis: An interactive presentation

Helen Haskell

President, Mothers Against Medical Error
Ms. Haskell speaks on such topics as:
  • Patient engagement
  • Failure to rescue and rapid response: The patient’s perspective
  • Patient narrative and patient feedback as an improvement and learning tool
  • Diagnostic error and delay  

Gerald B. Hickson

Gerald B. Hickson, MD

Senior Vice President for Quality, Safety and Risk Prevention; Joseph C. Ross Chair in Medical Education and Administration; Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Dr. Hickson speaks on topics that include:

  • Promoting professional accountability: Dealing with behavior/performance that undermines a culture of safety
  • Identifying and intervening on high malpractice risk physicians
  • The how and when of disclosing adverse outcomes and errors

Linda K. Kenney

Executive Director and President of MITSS (Medically Induced Trauma Support Services)

Ms. Kenney speaks on such topics as:

  • Patient safety from a patient perspective
  • Clinician support and programs
  • Clinician support tool kit for health care
  • Patient and family support
  • Disclosure and apology or communication and resolution

Patricia A. McGaffigan

Patricia A. McGaffigan, RN, MS

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Programs
National Patient Safety Foundation

Ms. McGaffigan speaks on topics including:

  • Joy and meaning in work
  • Workforce safety
  • Transparency
  • Patient safety culture
  • Professional certification in patient safety
  • Patient safety advancements

Gregg S. Meyer

Gregg S. Meyer, MD, MSc

Chief Clinical Officer, Partners HealthCare

Dr. Meyer speaks on topics that include:

  • The evolution of quality and safety in the marketplace
  • Cultural transformation in quality and safety
  • Provider and regulatory perspectives on safety
  • Creating organizational structures to improve safety

Julianne Morath

Julianne Morath, RN, MS

President and CEO, Hospital Quality Institute of California

Ms. Morath speaks on topics related to:

  • Workplace engagement
  • Culture of safety
  • Leading strategy

Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio

Chair, National Patient Safety Foundation

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

Sirio2 Healthcare Innovations

Ms. Navarra-Sirio speaks on topics including:

  • Improving patient safety with HIT
  • Strategies to ensure safe deployment of HIT
  • Achieving the six aims of the IOM: Lessons learned through AHA-McKesson Quest for Quality

Kathryn Rapala

Kathryn Rapala, DNP, JD, RN, CPPS

Vice President, Clinical Risk Management, Aurora Health Care

Dr. Rapala speaks about:

  • Clinical risk management
  • Smart pump data management collaborative
  • Root cause analysis and peer review
  • Professional certification in patient safety

Patty Skolnik

Patty Skolnik, BASW

Founder and Executive Director, Citizens for Patient Safety

Director of Healthcare Safety, SynAptiv Next Generation Learning

Ms. Skolnik speaks on topics related to:

  • Shared decision making, informed consent, and disclosure
  • Partnering with patients
  • Training health care consumers to be effective board members
  • Building and sustaining Patient & Family Advisory Councils for quality/safety

Sam R. Watson

Sam R. Watson, MSA, MT(ASCP), CPPS

Senior Vice President, Patient Safety and Quality
Executive Director
Michigan Hospital Association Keystone Center

Mr. Watson speaks on topics that include:

  • Patient safety culture
  • Large-scale implementation and spread
  • Collaborative governance and organization

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